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Commercial building
Retail industry

Since its early achievements, Gecos has spearheaded the design of gas stations and their indispensable complement: the associated shops and commercial buildings. Our expertise is based on over ten years’ experience working with Total, Avia and Eni, to name just a few. Partnered with an architectural firm and a building project management firm, Gecos has expanded its expertise to all types of shops including commercial buildings and restaurant services, among others.

Gecos provides a global solution at every stage of construction, a single representative and the capacity to operate throughout the region, on both single and multi-sites (simultaneous renewal campaigns for large networks of service stations).

The retail methodology of Gecos
Commercial Building

Assessment and design stage

You are actively involved in defining your project, providing your knowledge of the site and preserving your freedom of choice at each stage including:

  • Full audit of undeveloped land or existing facilities
  • Actively listening to your needs and expectations
  • Project assessment
  • Drafting of plans
  • Long-range planning
  • Estimation of potential volume storage capacities, depending on the site, situation and the client’s requirements
  • Assessment of legislation required
  • Estimating work costs

Tendering process stage

At Gecos we conduct inquiries and select suppliers, leaving you the freedom to negotiate directly based on our technical expertise including:

  • Provision of consultation plans
  • Drafting the technical project
  • Selecting suppliers
  • Verifying the conformity of tenders
  • Customer Consulting
  • Preparing service orders

Execution stage

Throughout the duration of the work, we give you the peace of mind to grow your business. Gecos ensures complete monitoring of work thanks to:

  • An on-site work meeting at least once a week
  • Organization and site safety
  • Various unexpected visits throughout the work
  • Verification of conformity of the work before payment
  • Management of invoices and accounting.

Reception stage

On project completion, we ensure work conformity and we handle removal of any reservations directly with suppliers.

  • Work acceptance meeting
  • Verification of conformity of the technical project
  • Management of removal of any reservations
  • One year warranty
  • Provision of a dossier compiling all important project documents

At each project phase, Gecos works closely with you to develop the best strategy and handle all administrative duties (registrations or permits , building licenses , etc…)