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Natural Gas, liquefied or compressed, offers incomparable advantages to conventional fuels. Its use is expected to be multiplied in the coming years, both for road carriers and for buses, trucks garbage collector, and private cars.

Gecos has already anticipated the shift to NGV, transferring its know-how in the design of petrol stations opened to the public. These require special facilities and equipment, as well as dealing with heavy administrative and regulatory constraints, particularly in urban areas.
Gecos dedicated teams have the expertise to meet these challenges, guaranteeing, thanks to their independence, the products and equipment that best suit your needs. Gecos provides technical studies, project management and administrative support for a ready-to-use, fully functional installation.

The Gecos methodology
Natural gas

Assessment and design stage

You are actively involved in defining your project, providing your knowledge of the site and preserving your freedom of choice at each stage.
We provide:

  • A full audit of undeveloped land or existing facilities
  • Careful attention to your needs and expectations
  • Project study
  • Sketches and plans
  • Long-range planning
  • Estimation of potential volume storage capacities, depending on the site, situation and the client’s requirements
  • Study of the pertinent legislation
  • Estimated cost of the project
    • Communication with the authorities
    • Regular monitoring of ICPE (Installations classified for environmental protection) in France

Gecos uses its experience and expertise to select suppliers and negotiate work contracts directly.

  • Scheduling consultations
  • Drafting technical aspects of the project
  • Selecting suppliers
  • Verifying the conformity of tenders
  • Consulting with the customer
  • Preparing service orders

Execution stage

Throughout the project, you’ll be able to continue doing business with complete peace-of-mind, because Gecos ensures thorough monitoring of the work.

  • A meeting with the client at least once a week
  • Organization and site safety
  • Occasional unscheduled inspections over the course of the project to ensure that the work is being done properly
  • Verification of conformity of the work before payment is due
    • Inspection of tanks and pipes before burial.
    • Management of invoices and accounting.

Reception stage

At the end of the project, we ensure your regulatory conformity, and, if additional minor work is required after completion, we deal directly with the suppliers and sub-contractors.

  • Checking of work
  • Verification of conformity of the technical project
  • Management of the completion of minor work with providers after the opening
  • Compilation and delivery of a dossier comprised of all important project documents.
  • One year warranty

At each project phase, Gecos works closely with you to develop the best strategy and handle all administrative duties (registrations or permits , building licenses , etc. )