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Gecos expertise

For single or multi-site gas stations, car washes and fuel depots, Gecos has expertise in the following areas :


  • Creation

We manage development of the greenfield site and commissioning of your installation.

  • Refurbishment / Modernization

From expanding your capacity, to reorganizing or renovating your site and renewing your image-Gecos answers your needs while keeping your business open.

mise en conformite
  • Ensuring Compliance

We continually monitor regulatory and legislative issues so you don’t have to. Cofrac accredited and certified by the Ministry of the Environment, Gecos ensures your sites are fully compliant.

transfert de sites
  • Site transfer

We handle moving and transfer of sensitive installations for retail site refurbishment.

  • Site cleanup

We advise you and assess environmental design office guidelines, laws and regulations to deliver a clean job.

  • Dismantling

We handle decommissioning of installations and delivery of land in its original state.