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Construction management

Whether for single or multi-sites, Gecos takes care of everything and gives you the peace of mind to get down to business.

The many technical and legal challenges associated with such facilities make Gecos a valuable ally in construction management at every stage of your project including:
Maitrise d’oeuvre

  • Project definition (diagnosis, strategic thinking)
  • Management of technical assessments (soil, noise …)
  • Management of permits and authorizations (building permit)
  • Writing specifications and technical documentation (memory, specifications, environmental impact, etc…)
  • Selecting suppliers
  • Technical and financial analysis of bids and client counseling
  • Monitoring of work (meetings, planning, views, controls)
  • Project accounting management
  • Verification of conformity of the work before payment
  • Work acceptance management
  • Overseeing removal of any reservations
  • Delivery of a dossier of end of work integrating the project of executed works
  • Management of the warranty for one year
Throughout the project, Gecos keeps you up-to-date and fully informed about work progress, advises you in your decisions and ensures that you meet your obligations.

What is your project ?