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Regular monitoring ICPE

Controle Périodique

Regular monitoring ICPE (Installations classified for environmental protection) in France.

The environmental code provides that facilities subject to mandatory reporting such as petrol stations or fuel depots, must undergo periodic inspections by accredited bodies.

Gecos is accredited by Cofrac (French Accreditation Committee) and authorized by the French Ministry of Environment, as an organism involved throughout France periodically checking the following facilities:

  • Service Stations (1435 *)
  • Storage of flammable liquid gas (4718)
  • Installation of charge or distribution of flammable liquid gas (1414)
  • Storage of flammable liquids (4734)
  • Installation of charge or distribution of flammable liquid (1434)

* Section V environment code book art. R512-55 to R512-60 settling the procedure of periodic inspection

The main areas of control are:

  • Operating and organizational conditions
  • Constructional provisions
  • The prevention of explosion accidents
  • The prevention of contamination of water and soil
  • Atmospheric pollution prevention
As inspection body, Gecos respects the following criteria:

  • Realization of control by an inspector trained in compliance with the rules defined by the reference NF EN ISO/CEI 17020
  • Ensuring contact after the reception of the service order (or verbally receiving the final work in case of checking it after works)
  • Setting a date to visit the facilities
  • Completing the inspection report within 60 days of the visit
  • If there is an important non conformity, setting a date for a further inspection within two months following the written request
  • Completing the report on the additional inspection within a month following the complementary visit in case of major non-compliance issues during the first visit